Treasure Giftbox - gift for Photoatelier Marashlyan's small guests
10 january, 2019
Photoatelier Marashlyan team is pleased to announce to the friends and studio's guests the release of our new product: gifts for children - Treasure Giftbox. Now you can purchase excellent gifts for boys and girls under the age of 7 years, packed in exclusive boxes from the Photoatelier Marashlyan and decorated with original Marash embroidery.
Treasure Giftbox for girls includes a unique handmade “real” doll, which shows author’s original emotions, a dress and a handbag decorated with traditional Armenian marash embroidery, which is one of the oldest types of traditional art. Marash differs from other types of embroidery by its special manner of stitches. This is a very complex technique that requires hard work and a lot of patience. The symbol depicted on the dress in the form of a clock, symbolizes infinity. It is often used in Marash embroidery, people believed that it could give endless happiness and health.

Idea: Emma Marashlyan
Branding partner - Yerevan Productions