OUR PARTNERS - Gartnitoun restaurant
17 march, 2019
We are glad to announce that we have a new partner - Garnitoun restaurant, which is located at one of the most popular places in Armenia, in Garni.
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Photo Atelier Marashlyan Worldwide. Our indian guests.
25 february, 2019
Most of tourists in Armenia visits Garni, Geghard, Tatev and many other places in Yerevan and out of the city. Now we can proudly say that the Photo Atelier Marashlyan became a new spot for each person who decides to visit Armenia.
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Hamshens. Who are they?
22 february, 2019
At Photo Atelier Marashlyan we pay particular attention to the men's suit from hamshen, which has rich embroidery in dark blue and purple colors. Everyone asks why is this costume so different from other regions of historical Armenia. The answer to this question can be found only in our history.
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Saint Sarkis Day with Photo Atelier Marashlyan in Gyumri
20 february, 2019
This year we decided to spend Saint Sarkis Day in Gyumri and make a special gift for all our guests - photo in traditional costume from Marashlyan.
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Saint Sarkis Day with Photo Atelier Marashlyan in Gyumri Loft
17 february, 2019
This year we decided to spend Saint Sarkis Day in Gyumri and make a special gift for all couples, who decided to spend their day in Gyumri Loft.
Our partners - Tufenkian Carpets Armenia
25 january, 2019
Our guests usually ask us how is it possible to create such a special atmosphere in our studio, where do we get authentic interior elements, filling the space with Armenian soul.
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Armenia Discovery about Photo Atelier Marashlyan
24 january, 2019
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"Traditions becoming trendy", Regional Post about Photo Atelier Marashlyan.
23 january, 2019
Once upon a time, traditional Armenian costumes, taraz, were only seen in black and white photographs. Nowadays, social media is full of bright pictures of men, women and kids wearing taraz. It has become a trend among many locals and tourists to be photographed in these traditional costumes. Since being established five years ago, Photo Atelier Marashlyan has become very popular among the Armenians and non-Armenians.
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Famous egyptian food-bloggers Shaan Terzibashian and Melissa Khorkhoryan at Photo Atelier Marashlyan
17 january, 2019
Famous egyptian food-bloggers Shaan Terzibashian and Melissa Khorkhoryan:"If we took a time machine and travelled to our Motherland, this is exactly how we would look like a few houndred years ago.
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Dress for a little princess by Marashlyan
15 january, 2019
Photoatelier Marashlyan have a lot of surprises for our dear guests. Today we would like to tell you more about our dress for a little princess, which is included in the children's gift set Treasure Giftbox.
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Treasure Giftbox - gift for Photoatelier Marashlyan's small guests
10 january, 2019
Photoatelier Marashlyan team is pleased to announce to the friends and studio's guests the release of our new product: gifts for children - Treasure Giftbox. Now you can purchase excellent gifts for boys and girls under the age of 7 years, packed in exclusive boxes from the Photoatelier Marashlyan and decorated with original Marash embroidery.
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Armenian National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater ballet soloist Razmik Marukyan at Photoatelier Marashlyan.
27 december, 2018
Today Photoatelier Marashlyan welcomes ballet dancer of the National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after A. Spendiaryan, winner of numerous international competitions, Razmik Marukyan.
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Photo Atelier Marashlyan for Pernod Ricard
14 december, 2018
Do you know any other place where at the same time you can shift to Yerevan courtyard and play backgammon and chess with your colleagues, enjoy the melodies of Scottish bagpipe and read your favorite book next to the cozy and warm fireplace, try on bright Mexican ponchos and sombreros, and finally find yourself in the Kingdom of Urartu with gilded armors and arms. Its is possible to do only at the anniversary of Pernod Ricard Armenia, which is famous for their legendary drinks: Chivas Regal whiskey, Olmeca tequila and Ararat cognac.
Photo Atelier Marashlyan in USA
27 november, 2018
Photo Atelier Marashlyan is happy to announce an exclusive collaboration with Nazelie this holiday season.
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Exclusive photoshoot at Yerevan History Museum for Yerevan Food Fest guests
04 november, 2018
Yerevan Food Fest was held in Yerevan on November 1-6. This time it was held in a special format and was dedicated to the 2800th anniversary of Yerevan.
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Photo Atelier Marashlyan at Taraz Fest 2018
04 august, 2018